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Frequently asked questions

  • What is ‰?
    ‰ is per mil sign. 1% = 10‰ . For example if you own 1 apple from 1000, you have 1‰ . It is common used where percent numbers would be too small.
  • What is Typing Time?
    The Typing Time is estimated time for average touch-typing speed. For example, the equation counts number of characters, number of "quick" characters from keyboard's middle row etc.
  • I found one name, with incorrect syllable number
    Syllable calculation is estimated number. There are special cases, where it shows ±1 error, but in 99.9% it shows correct result.
  • How is surname frequency estimated?
    Our surname database contents only 15 million family names (surnames from E-phonebook). The occurrence of last name in this list is multiplied with proportional number, to get UK population of 63 millions. This is not precise calculation, but you can get approximate numbers.
  • I couldn't find my name or surname is not a traditional name site which tries to involve every possible name or surname, including very rare ones. Instead we prepared database compiled from common names used in United Kingdom. For all names or surnames in our dbase we have some statistical information like frequency, rank, meaning etc. Sorry, but we don't add new names to our database, because we don't have statistical data for it.
  • I found page with my name and surname. Can you add my contacts to this page?
    Sorry, contacts can not be added. The reason is that our website analyze names as pure text, to avoid any connection with existing persons.
  • How accurate is this statistic data?
    For used sources, please read our links page. We also have some statistic based on votes collected from visitors, this type of data may be incorrect, but large numbers give more precision. Don't forget to read our terms of use copy too.
  • How reliable are the data collected from visitor votes?
    Good thinking. There may be some untrusted votes, but good statistic is based on large numbers. With time, these results will be more and more accurate.
  • How is frequency of name+surname combination calculated?
    We have separated databases for surnames and names. For example database of names was for approximately 800 000 born babies in 2011. These numbers are multiplied with proportional value to get estimate per mil in population of UK. Not the best precision, but good enough for rough calculations and to have fun with it ;-)
  • Why did you build this namefun site?
    Our job is web development and programming. Most of our sites are formal, boring jobs and programming for other clients. We wanted to create something different, with much more fun. We hope you will also have fun and enjoy in this website. If so, please, don't forget to support us (Like us: top-right corner of this page)
  • What is hearts desire number?
    The hearts desire number represents your innermost desires and longings. This number closes the gap between how you feel people see you and the way they see you. It also relates to the subjective, inner aspects of your life, and improve relationships.
  • What is destiny number?
    Also known as Name Number. It relates to your vibration in this world; how you express yourself in the many outer experiences of your life, birth given talents to be developed, and tasks you must achieve in this life.