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Do you know that the name and surname contents much more then just letters? Let's have a fun with names. With you can find much more then just meaning or origin for names and surnames. We have pages, where name and surname combinations are analysed together. It is important to mention, that our site analyse names as pure text, there is no connection with existing persons with same name or surname! Read more on Terms of Use page. Our main statistic for names is based on name population in England+Wales[4], Scotland[5] and Northen Ireland[6]. Surname statistic is prepared using large database provided by b99 business directory [2] (only surnames+postcode districts) Postcodes are geolocated using website[3]. We also have statistical results based on visitor votes. For other used sources visit our Links page. If you have question, please read FAQ page too or contact us.

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Main features

Image 1 names
Almost 10 000 names with statistic, population, meanings and much more
Image 2 surnames
More than 14 000 surnames in database with popularity in United Kingdom
Image 3 discussion
Discussion and comment field for every name and surname on our web site
Image 4 fortune cookie
Fortune cookies
Just for jun: Fortune cookie generated daily for each name+surname combination
Image 5 name origins
Vote for popularity of the name in UK regions. Results you can follow on statistic page.
Image 6 fun with the names
More fun
Names written using morse, barcode etc. What English words can you write from name letters?
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