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Keira-Louise name

Female name Keira-Louise has popularity rank of Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-Five (#3755) with 6 given girl baby names in 2011 in United Kingdom (approximately 0.015‰ from the total number of female given names). Popularity ranking in England+Wales: #4049 (0.014‰); in Scotland: #1421 (0.038‰); in Northen Ireland: n/a. [info]

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Meaning of the name Keira-Louise: n/a but please check similar names: Bella-Louise difference is 3 characters, Ella-Louise difference is 3 characters, Emma-Louise difference is 3 characters, Mia-Louise difference is 3 characters, Tia-Louise difference is 3 characters, if you have more info about name Keira-Louise, please share it with others (discussion on bottom of the page)

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-.- . .. .-. .- .-.. --- ..- .. ... .

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Letter statistic

  Keira-Louise Difference [?]
Characters 12 +5.9
Vowels 7 = 58% +14.7%
Vowels+Y 7 = 58% +10.8%
Typing Time 4 / 12 = 33.3%
≈ 3180 msec
+1246 msec
Syllables 4 +1.64

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