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Binyamin name

Male name Binyamin has popularity rank of Three Thousand and Fifty-Eight (#3058) with 6 given boy baby names in 2011 in United Kingdom (approximately 0.015‰ from the total number of male given names). Popularity ranking in England+Wales: #2892 (0.016‰); in Scotland: n/a; in Northen Ireland: n/a. [info]

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Meaning of the name Binyamin: Hebrew origin, meaning Son of my right hand.. Similar names: Benyamin difference is 1 character, Binyomin difference is 1 character, Beniamin difference is 2 characters, Benjamin difference is 2 characters, Yamin difference is 3 characters, if you have more info about name Binyamin, please share it with others (discussion on bottom of the page)

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-... .. -. -.-- .- -- .. -.

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Letter statistic

  Binyamin Difference [?]
Characters 8 +1.9
Vowels 3 = 38% -6.1%
Vowels+Y 4 = 50% +2.5%
Typing Time 1 / 8 = 12.5%
≈ 2045 msec
+111 msec
Syllables 3 +0.64

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